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1. When the call or message, app notification comes, a flash is turned on.
2. Even when the vibration or silent is set up, you can know that call or message comes
3. You are able to make good use of this app in the library or dark place.
4. You can set the time using flash function and the flickered duration time.
5. Please remove the free of charge version app in the commercial version app installation.
6. The commercial version app from which an advertisement is removed is launched.

--Not supported for Galaxy S partial model

In case of executing the accessibility for the app notification service, I ask the setting like the next from the machine type sounded in the page transfer and folder click.

In the machine type of the galaxy note I, the galaxy note II, galaxy S II and so on,
please set the Google TTS engine, Samsung TTS engine, TalkBack to not in use in menu [Settings-Application manager-ALL].

In the machine type of LG phone and so on, please set the LG TTS, PICO TTS, TalkBack to not in use in menu [SystemSettings-App-ALL] or [App-Settings-ALL].

In the rest machine type, please set the TTS engine, TalkBack to not in use in menu [Settings-Application manager-ALL].

The application mentioned in a stomach supports the Text-to-speech function for the disabled person.

Text / message / text message / SMS / sms / MMS / mms
Flash / Flash / FLASH / flash / falsh / LIGHT / light / LED / flash LED / camera / camera
Sparkling / flashing / blink / blink blink / notification / alert window / notify / noti / alert
app noti / alarm

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