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Imogen 5000 is a bored AI alarm system that has caught you sneaking in to the mansion she protects. Instead of handing you over to the police, she decides to play a game with you. She turns out all the lights in the mansion and tells you clues about the other rooms in the house that you can get to.

Navigate rooms by entering the first letter of a neighbouring room you want to go to and try to find the jewels and the exit before the police arrive.

Note: This game is AUDIO only. There are NO graphics other than some simple text.

This is an experimental game and may have bugs and may not work on your device. If it doesn't work for you, please contact me or visit my website to download a version for one of the other supported platforms.

If you enjoy this game, please keep an eye out for other games I create. I am creating a new gameplay mechanic every month for 2013. Check out my website to see more examples and play more games ( or follow me on twitter to get updates on what I am working on next @jennsandercock.

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