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Do you have a little one that loves everything about Easter? The yummy chocolate Easter eggs, and the cute bunnies and ducklings? Then prepare for some cute Easter fun in this Easter games for kids. Your little one will be busy collecting cute Easter ducklings, and Yummy Easter eggs in this timed Easter game that is designed for ages 3 and up.

This free Easter game is a timed three round matching game, that includes Easter eggs, eggs in an adorable basket, and cute little Easter ducklings. The first round in this Easter games is 100 seconds, and each round after that is reduced by 10 seconds, getting that little bit harder, but enabling your child to improve for each round. This Easter game for kids is also appropriate for toddlers, if you give them a little help, and pre-schoolers, as there are not too many icons to match, making the game more fun and enjoyable.

Another great feature to the toddler games for Easter, which makes it more fun than just matching the pairs of icons, your child must also find the icons that link together in some way. When they find the match, the Easter games for kids then shows them the link. The matching aspect to the puzzle, and this additional feature is a real educational bonus to this Easter games free, which also encourages:

-Memory and recognition skills.

-Hand eye coordination.

-Fine motor skills.

-Early math concepts.

-Colour recognition and vocabulary.

To really complete the Easter games for girls, a Fanfare will salute your child when they start the game, and then some cute, boppy music will play in the background whilst they play the Easter games for kids.

How to Play
The object of the game is to clear the matching icons from the board before the end of each round. You will need to pick matching pairs that are side to side, on top of each other, but not diagonal. This is a good way to introduce your child to these different concepts. Another feature to the game, is that the matches don’t have to be next to each other, but can be linked with a straight line or lines. When you make these matches, the link will also be shown to you by a green line. If your child needs help they can press the FIND button 3 times during each round, and it will show them the matches. They can also use the REFRESH button to shuffle the icons around on the board.

Bounce into Easter with this fun and entertaining Easter game for kids and toddlers…!

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