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“Magness” is a Match-3 game with a brand new one-of-a-kind gameplay. It combines all the best elements of puzzle and match-3 game. The main objective is to perform different experiments, clear special bonus levels and discover new elements to ultimately discover the Philosopher's Stone. There are 6 main elements, and 6 special elements with different nature and reactions, which Player has to manage on the field to complete the level objective. The concept itself is simple, yet absolutely fascinating and the more into the game, the more interesting it becomes! It is super fun, challenging and magical!


Once there was a lovely Kingdom fullfiled with joy and happiness .. until evil darkness raised upon it.
King and Queen hid their son - Magness deep in dungeons to protect him from growing evil.
Little prince was growing up alone and searching for a revange and elimination of evil.
One day he discovered an Alchemy book, describing a Universal Substance, that could transform one element to any other.
Turning ashes to gold, dead into living and most importantly evil to Good.
Magness set out on the quest, that no alchemyst have ever accomplished - discover the Universal Substance and to turn back the darkness into the Light again.

★★★★★ Perfect combination of puzzle game
★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects and smooth game control
★★★★★ Relaxing background music
★★★★★ Numerous power-ups

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