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Be part of the community and prevent kidnap. In real life scenario, the kidnappers should already run far away by the time you report to police.

So, this apps is to gather the people power! Imagine, your kid went missing at a shopping mall, at 1.00 pm. You report the missing child immediately with the app. With precise GPS tracking, everyone within the missing radius will be notified.

If the kidnapper and your child is just a few blocks away, people who joined this community (that are also a few blocks away) should be able to track them out! Of course the more people who use this app, the more effective it will be. So spread this out and be an anti-kidnapper!

Example and summary of how things work :-
1. A kid name Alice went missing at Times Square, 1.00 pm

2. Father reported Alice is missing at 1.05 pm with this app - Click button 'Report Missing People!'

3.Thousands of people around Twin Tower(until 400 km radius) who had clicked button 'Join the anti kidnap team, and receive alert' will be notified straight away.

4.Everyone will help to look for Alice and hopefully find her immediately - Click button 'View Missing People!'

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