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Everyone know how to calculate in maths. But can everyone score 100% in maths test? No. Because we always make mistake. By practicing in this app daily, you will have a living calculator in your brain.

If you are a kid, practise your maths with this app and get 100% in test. Why buy exercise book, if there's unlimited practise questions in this app?

If you are an adult, exercise your brain with calculations. Never get wrong by paying or returning cash exchange incorrectly!

This is a maths game where you can perform calculation horizontally. It's easy to play and the more you practice, the better your maths will become. Practise add, subtract, multiply and divide. Treat this as a game and day by day, your maths skill will improve exponentially.

Kids can play to improve their mental development and get a better score in school test. Learn as you play.

Adult can play for fun and do some brain workout, exercise.

Up to multiple stage for unlimited fun and challenge. Challenge and brag to your friend by comparing your highscore.

========= Version 1.3 =========
- Added Learn Chinese recommendation!

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