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Free math app games for everyone. Practise your math and become a master in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division faster than you can imagined, via game. By playing this daily, this can surely improve your mathematics. There are kindergarten, primary school, high school and university level. No need to buy mathematics workbook anymore. It's free!

Exercise your brain with basic simple or complex Maths calculation. Brag to your friends by showing your highscore in solving complex mathematical questions in lightning speed.

Suitable for all ages of groups, from kids, students or even adult learning. Practise this daily, anytime, anywhere, and you don't need to take paid course or buy workbook to master your Mathematic. Train your brain to count faster than calculator!

With Maths Challenge , you can pass your elementary or even secondary school maths easily. Are you ready for the ultimate Maths Challenge? Break record highscore and improve!

Have a brain exercise by playing maths. This is a casual maths game that cater for learning + gaming in a fun way. You can use this as a learning tool, for exercising your brain or just for fun!

Plus, subtract, multiply and division with multiple levels of difficulties. Start from kindergarten level for kid until the highest level where adult will find it difficult!

There's also 2 type of game mode
Normal Mode:- Start with 500 seconds and casually answer questions
Time Attack:- Start with 20 seconds, and get additional 5 seconds for every correct answer..

============Update Version 1.2 ============
- Learn Chinese Mandarin too!

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