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Soljam is developed scientifically and provides individualized learning. Soljam enables students to comprehend and remember content, two times better than other methods.


1. Carefully selected vocabularies and sentences
- We selected essential and practical vocabularies and sentences for each course.

2. Natural voice with high quality
- Each vocabulary and sentence provides natural voice with high quality sound.

3. The best grammar explanation
- All sentences in Soljam provide detailed explanations of grammar.

4. Images for all vocabularies
- All vocabularies provide images to help understanding.

5. Learning is never boring.
- You can learn Korean enjoyably and efficiently by memorizing vocabularies like a game and using multimedia content such as Youtube video.

6. Scientific and automatic reviews
- People forget without reviews. Soljam automatically provides reviews of every vocabulary that you have learned at the best timing just before you forget. Soljam's technology helps you to remember learning content in your brain for a long time.


Diligence is the key of success to learn foreign language. You can set your study goal of everyday and Soljam helps you to manage your study just like you are attending an offline learning center.


You can also apply a tutoring service if you want to practice speaking, writing, and grammar with a native Korean teacher.

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