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Diabetes Diary is an App, that aids you in keeping track of the diabetes data in the intensified insulin therapy.

You can create date stamped entries of the blood sugar (mg/dl or mmol/l), basis and bolus insulin units, bread units taken custom notes and activities. You can switch between mg/dl or mmol/l whenever you like.

Other than that, you can export your entries as a CSV file to manage them with other applications. You can choose how many entries and which data of your entries you want to export.

For two consecutive entries, the app calculates the carbohydrate factor. For example, if you made an entry for breakfast and add another one for lunch, it will be calculated how many bolus insulin units you needed for 1 BU of breakfast.

The aim of the app is, to keep the required steps as simple and short as possible. Therefore this app has no main menu. You directly open the diary. There, you can create or edit entries with just one click, or delete an entry with a few clicks.
In addition, you can backup your entries and restore it at some point in the future or on another device.

Interested in upcoming features? Join the Diabetes Diary Community on Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/112025268441372305923.

If you find an error, missing a feature or have a question, please feel free to send an e-mail or drop a comment on the community wall.

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