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We can consider it as the most comprehensive Nutrition Application exists.

Plan your Diet Journal Calculating Caloric Expenditure to achieve your goals and have the Ideal Weight.

Very easy to use and very complete in just 3 steps.

1º Set up your user to track the Body Weight and BMI.

2º Calculate your Caloric Expenditure Journal, your BMR, or Deportivo Objectives and Physical Work.

3º Choose Kcal diet that best suits your goals and Caloric Expenditure.


ï custom targets based on your profile, age, sex, caloric intake, level of activity, type and intensity of exercise, etc.

You will have the best advice, Calorie Chart, Food and advised deprecated in Pathology.

This App was created for those who want

lose Weight
Top Weight
Lose Fat
winning Muscle

but above all have a Healthy Eating and own some expert tips and advice on nutrition.

Key Features:

ï Range diet plans most nutritional categories

Food List ï spent by each diet plan

ï Modification Options diets and meals to the tastes of the users in relation to the orientation of your diet plan

ï Calorie and Nutrition Tables

Examples ï Healthy Diets

ï Intuitive and elegant user

ï functions as your Personal Dietitian and Nutritionist.

Diet categories include:

ï Diets by Kcal
ï All are healthy diets
ï Diets for Breakfast
ï Diets for Lunch
ï Diets for Food
ï Diets for Snack
ï Diets for Dinner
ï Fees for late night snack

The recipes shown in the application are to be used as a guide and a help to have a Healthy Eating.


The BMR is the daily energy expenditure at rest, to perform the functions of the body.

Represents 60-75% of daily energy expenditure.

Important to note:

These recommendations apply to people health, are not reliable for people who work have more strength and muscle mass.
They are dependent on the type of complexion.
The equations for calculating the recommendation of daily intake of calories are from Harris-Benedict reviewed by Roza and Shizgal 1984.

This application has been developed by Jesplay Studios SL.

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