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Calculate your Abdominal Fat % and level of fitness you have, know your Healthy index values ​​according to the perimeter of your waistline and avoid risk factors or cardiovascular disease.

Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to find Your Ideal Weight with healthier weight for your gender and what percentage of the population share your corpral mass index BMI.

ø figured your Abdominal Fat %?

ï will calculate your Ideal Fat % with an estimate of how many cm need to lose to have an optimal level of health and fitness to be in the ranking you deserve.

ø figured your Ideal Weight?

ï will calculate your Ideal with an estimate of how many kilos to lose weight you need to have an optimal level of health and be in the range of healthy BMI.

Recommendations and tips in your diet, exercise and weight make Ideal Weight BMI Fat a complete and healthy application.

User friendly:

ï Works with metric and imperial system, and you can toggle in one click between kilograms or pounds and feet, inches or meters.

ï results with images.

In addition:

ï Stock Information with the different types of fat found in the abdominal area, and know the values ​​in healthy men and women.

ï results tables, for the optimum percentage of water and muscle mass in men and women.

ï Tables, for the optimal measurements waist hip measurements in men and women.

Important to note:

These recommendations apply to people health, are not reliable for people who work have more strength and muscle mass.

There is a relationship between weight and height and therefore they are dependent on the type of complexion and no account individual factors such as musculature.

This application has been developed by Jesplay Studios SL.

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