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Dragon Sweeper is a mix between mine sweeper, classic NES era JRPGs and modern twitch games. Dragon Sweeper is designed to give you the full experience of a classic RPG in a shorter play session. Your job is to rid the land of monsters and kill the dragon that lives on the island. Dragon Sweeper has several randomly generated islands filled with land to explore, towns to visit and monsters to defeat.

• Unique, randomly generated islands to explore.
• Several difficulty modes from training to full combat where monsters attack you when you miss or wait to long to attack.
• Three different hero classes.
• Different special attacks such as defend, heal and steal.
• High score boards for each island
• Random encounters
• Short play time, maps take anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes to beat.
• Retro style B&W graphics.

It's the perfect game to play during short breaks, boring meetings or when you don't have time to spend 40+ hours XP grinding in your mother's basement.


V1.2.0 - 2/28/2016

Cleaned up battle window to see monster’s attack/special, when they will attack and hit areas for your own attack. Created difficulty for quick game. Added new Wizard class. Monsters now have unique attacks (steal, heal and fire).

V1.3.0 - 3/2016

New Island unlock mechanic tied into redesigned stats/score system. All high scores have been reset in this build. Three new monsters (Dark Mage, Cyclops and Evil Chest. Also added a new player upgrade system after leveling up.

V1.4.0 - 4/2016

Epic quests for longer play sessions across multiple islands and larger maps with all new desert islands. Unlockable endless mode with dedicated leader board. Dragon Sweeper is now feature complete. Look for new islands, quests and more in future updates.

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