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How an electronic light can step into our daily life?

The idea of develop a mobile camera flash light apps is came from the question asked above. What a mobile camera flash light can do?

Available features:
1) Traditional Light / Device screen light
- Able to act as a temporary torch light when you're in dark place.
2) SOS Signal
- An traditional way of asking for help. Imagine that you're in a danger, the best way to get help is to ask those who is nearest to you. In this case, SOS signal to get the passers an attention on you.
3) Morse Code Signal
- An old encoded code format that developed in around 1844, and is widely used in World War 1. This feature able to translate the text into International Morse Code format and flash the signal accordingly through the camera flash.
- User can utilizes the simple Morse Code converter to translate the light signal back to a readable text.
4) Sound Flash
- A smart feature that capture all the surround sound and flash the light according to the sound frequency.
- Close your room light, play some songs from your laptop or radio, start the Sound Flash feature, place your phone near to your speaker with the camera flash light face to the top, and start get DANCE! It's your DISCO night.
5) Stroboscopic Effect
- Strobe light with adjustable speed control
- Usage: Become an effective alert tool at the dark area.
- Situation: Imaging your car is broke down at the middle of the highway and the street light is not bright, you'll need to find a way to alert the coming vehicles.
6) Sound level detector
- Usage: Detecting the sound loudness level from your surrounding area.
7) Colourful light (New)
- Usage: Adjustable colour control, provide user the flexibility to change their favor colour.

By Jesselsin
-- *We always focus on developing innovative and useful tools to make your life easier!* --

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