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This is more than a simple GPA Calculator. Use this to achieve your college goals.

This is one of the most feature rich GPA Calculator apps on the Play Store. You add semesters and then it shows you your GPA for that semester, your cumulative GPA, and how many credits and grade points you currently have. You can mark a courses grade as in progress so it doesn't affect your GPA scores.

It stores all your data, so no need to ever reenter your grades. All saved courses can be easily changed or deleted. With the pro version all your data is backed up to the cloud, and automatically syncs with all of your Android devices.

The Assignments feature allows you to track the individual grades you get in a course. With this information it will tell you the lowest grade you can make overall, the current by using the average of your grades, and the highest grade you can make.

With the Degree Plan feature you can track what courses you still need to take before getting your degree. Enter the courses needed to get a certain degree, and as you add courses in a semester the app will automatically mark the course in your Degree Plan as taken. From there you're able to see what courses you still need to take. When adding a semester the course name will be auto-suggested from your courses that have yet to be taken.
With the pro version you can keep track of multiple Degree Plans.

Have a hard time remembering your class schedule? With the Schedule feature you can easily enter the locations, times, and days that each of your classes meet for the semester. No more digging through your binder to find your schedule.

With the GPA Calculator available you can easily see how new courses will affect your overall GPA without affecting your saved data. Have a 2.8 GPA and want to raise it to a 3.5? Use this calculator to see how many A's you need to obtain for that to happen.

Ads can be removed by purchasing the app called Degree Planner Pro Key. This is only a key to enable the pro version. Both apps must be kept installed for it to work.

Please take the time to contact me if there is something you do not like about this app, and I will try to resolve the issue.

All the permissions are required for syncing.

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