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When was the last time you did X? We tend to get asked this question by our significant others, and those of us with a bad memory usually don't know the answer with any certainty. Solve that problem, as well as get reminders when to do these things, with this app!

- When was the last time we saw a movie?
- When was the last time you took out the trash?
- How many times in the past month did we go out to dinner?

Not only when was the last time, but also get many interesting statistics about how often you do things. Schedule reminders every X days, or every X weeks on Thursday, or the second Tuesday of the month, or the 15th of every month, etc.

- Mail rent check on the 25 of every month
- Check the oil in the car every Sunday
- Get beer on Thursday so you're not low for the weekend ;-)
- Lube mountain bike chain every 3 weeks

Version now participates in Android 6.0+ automatic backups. If your device is Android 6.0+ and you've configured the device to automatically backup, then The Last Time data will be backed up to your Google Drive account- with no further configuration by you and no deduction from your allotted Google Drive space. Your privacy is respected as no data passes through our servers and you can disable all backups for your phone if you like. See this site for an easy explanation of how auto backup works:

The Last Time EULA available here:

You may also find the help page useful:

No sketchy permissions required! Not even internet because there are no ads. ON_BOOT permission is required to check if any reminders are due when you reboot, otherwise you can miss reminders. The WAKE_LOCK permission is for making sure the service can run long enough to give you your reminders. It's very fast so battery drain is negligible from the wake lock.

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