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NOTE: If the app crashes on launch or intro screen then it is a phone specific problem and you might have to wait until these issues are fixed. Thank you and only rate when you actually use the app. This app has also been put on hold.

A Step Into The Future...

A one of a kind In-College Application surpassing the android capability with good memory manipulation and management using complex custom algorithms taking into consideration the space and time complexity to bring you an app that tries to achieve the best in all areas.

This app's main goal is to be the ultimate guide to a student wanting accurate guidance while on campus and off campus using it's uniquely built GPS Navigation system.

This application has the capability to escort a student from anywhere in NY to the front door of their classroom location or building with just less than 3 clicks.

This application has the ability to use a special offline GPS mode not requiring GPS to be turned on, which is impossible to achieve without the custom backend built gps routes.

This application has the capability to display upcoming events and each event is clickable. When selected, a page with the event information is displayed, but that is not the interesting part. The interesting part is that when the event is on campus, a button magically appears "Take me to this event" which of course you guessed right- will escort it's user to the event location from anywhere in NY.

This application has the capability to carry out a proximity chat system entirely based on the school's buildings. The are about 70 chatrooms, a user is initially put into a chat room based on current location, however that user can add or remove other chatrooms. When Chat Rooms are added or removed, the messages you see are updated so that you only post or receive messages from the chat rooms you have added. You need a Stjohns email to use this feature, which also means you will talk to St. John's students, faculty or professors, rather than entire strangers.

This application partially implemented the school public webcams. They include the laptop shop and financial aid cams. In the future we plan to implement the webcams for the food courts.

This application has the capability to search for any faculty or professor, giving out very detailed information including ratings.

This application has perks as follows: preview of buildings change from a day to a night picture depending on the current time, some locations auto type extra information(i.e shuttle bus location will also show the times of departure), choosing destination as a class will also tell you what floor to proceed to upon arrival or if it is a basement, any time you need to go to a location, the 'real' estimated time and distance will always be given. The In-College routes are not just ok routes, they are one of the best and fastest routes obtained from a basic algorithm and knowledge of a Senior at St. John's combined.

As you may have noticed, this is a beta version and all these features are the beta features... Imagine how much more we could add with proper support from the University. Every design, source code, web server resources are owned by 'Creapptive team'.
Please also note that GPS is very hard to handle and errors that were never seen during our 3 weeks testing phase could magically appear based on the device. So there is an offline gps option.

This app preserves your settings.(i.e if your GPS was off before you ran this app, it will be turned back off).

Don't forget to look at the In-app mini-tutorial if you encounter any problem with the real-time In-College gps.

Please allow at least 25mb of space prior to installation.

Finally don't forget to give feedbacks if you want to see this app go further than any school has ever thought of.

App developed by 'Creapptive Team' consisting of Jesse A. and Rumate Razi.

*Might not run on*
-LG Optimus 2X

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