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Meet a Ninja Cat Frenzy who dreams of jumping through the mountains.
Ninja Cat Frenzy is a fun and adventure puzzler. Help our friendly cat reach new distances in this action packed game.

Once upon a time! There is a cat. A super frenzy cat always thinks that he'll become a ninja! He's frenzy but not crazy! Let's help him! He never gives up to be a ninja. Sometimes, you see that he is running amazing.

Great fun to play with friends and families, who can go the highest distance in Ninja Cat Frenzy Jump.
Ninja Cat Frenzy Jump will challenge your agility and skill, improve your accuracy, precision and perception.

- Dozens obstacles, blocks to complete and become a ninja.
- Cool and unique graphics.
- Nice sound.
- Auto save game.

- Tap / press or hold your finger on screen to boost energy and release to jump.
- Try to landing on the blocks, if not the frenzy cat will fall and the game will be over. The farther block he lands on, the higher score he can get. And the smaller block will give you more score bonus!
- Timing and precision is everything in this game.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know any comment or suggestion. Enjoy Ninja Cat Frenzy Jump.

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