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Secret Eva is a simple and small app, easy to use calendar for monitoring monthly period, predicting the date of ovulation.
It can keep track on menses, help you to do perfect travelling plan, good trip, happy relationship and the good family plan to have lovely babies.
This Secret Eva program also has monthly reminder before 4 days so that you prepare some special things conveniently.
- Quick and easy to use Settings.
- Set up the start date of cycle, date number of cycle time and red light.
- Notification of the cycle beginning.
- Monitoring of the menstrual cycle and period.
- Prediction of ovulation period.
- Just tap and slide to view your current and future period dates, ovulation days and your moods in a simple month-view calendar.
* The red light icon: Be careful! Bleeding days. You are tired on some these days.
* The yellow light icon: Only warning! You and your honey should have good protection.
* The green light icon: Wow, it's really great and funny time with all of activities.
* One baby!!! The gift of God!!! Happy time. It’s the best thing on some days to have lovely babies.
If you are not ready or prepare something for maternity, please protect yourself on some days fitting “yellow light”, “blue baby” and star icons!
P/s: The Secret Eva app may not be absolute and should not be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Forecast accuracy depends on a number of factors including health, environment, exercise, stress, age, medications...
Best wishes to you!

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