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This app was inspired by, and derives much of it's content from, a web site my friend runs called The aim of that site, and this app as well, is to provide the inspiration from God's word that can help us get through our day, and our lives. We all face challenges on a daily basis that sometimes seem insurmountable, but if we take time to turn towards the writings of Jesus, we can get through just about anything. It's my hope that this app will help provide you comfort and guidance in your journey through life.

The Bible is a huge book, and this app looks at an incredibly small portion of it. I've divided it into several sections:

Prayers : Here you will find prayers to guide you through the rough parts of your day, and to help provide general comfort.
Daily Living : Facing a problem around forgiveness, lust or materialism? Not sure what the Bible says about alchohol or shopping? Turn to this section to help steer you in the right direction when faced with these questions.
Read More : In this section you will find various documents that go much deeper into various aspects of Jesus' words. It's not likely to be just bible verses, but discussions of what it all means as well.
More : Additional resources to get you going, including a Notepad for keeping notes on your journey!

I hope you find this app useful, and that it can help provide you some comfort in your life. If you ever get stuck in any situation, turn your throughts and prayers to Jesus Christ. He IS the answer!

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