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Air Force Jet Attack is modern air fighter game to enter into the world of plane battle for gamers dreaming to become bravo pilots to defend their country by survival skills in fighter plane. Enjoy extreme gunship air battle with surgical strike modern air supremacy jet fighter, perform space attack with realistic and precise radar to face highly armored enemy in this fastest and real jet fighter air battle.
Perform air strike in modern air combat fighter aircraft to save your city in modern warzone arena perform air force attack to become a fighter air force pilot. This aim and shoot jet combat game called Air Force Jet Attack provides thunder jet fighters from assault Rafale to MIG-29. Control air supremacy jet fighter plane in air combat arena by jet fighter air attack to make yourself universal star and bravo pilot and to save your city from bloody enemy. Take control of fighting aircraft endless dogfight chase in modern air attack deadly missions to shoot and fire rockets on bloody enemy. Eliminate them from your country and prove you are real sky gambler using your surviving and dodging skills with this jet fighter plane simulator.
Take enemy’s tanks and machine guns under thunder fighter jet air attack becoming a jet pilot and perform air force surgical strike before it attacks and destroys your jet fighter. Shoot down enemy’s military gunship helicopter, missile towers, watch towers and fighter warplanes with power of modern weapons of your ultra combat jet in modern warzone arena. Modern jet fighter air attack from air to air and air to ground tests aiming and shooting skills in thrilling aircraft combat game with modern ammunition. Aim and shoot on enemy, fire rockets on tanks and anti-aircraft guns before they get clear shot on you in air combat arena.
Enjoy modern air combat fighter jet simulations to train by completing the amazingly developed challenging mission based game and test you under modern jet strike war in Air Force Jet Attack with surgical strike in city. Become a flying ace in realistic air attack dog-fight chase where you will face brutal enemy with your fighting aircraft. Game has ten dreadful jets to air attack: F-16 fighting falcon, SU-35, MIG-29, MIG-25, MIG-21, F-22 raptor, F-35 lighting II, F-15 eagle, Mirage 2000 and Dasssault Raffale with virtual jet shop and 5 challenging missions. Each next mission can be unlocked by completing previous mission.
Air Force Jet Attack is real jet fighter air battle that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experience. If you like extreme action games then this jet fighter mania is immensely action packed to feel intense combat warzone in the middle of enemy crossfire. Show the world how to restore peace with your heavily armed airplanes.
How to play:
• Tilt the device left/right to change direction or aim at the target
• Tap on shoot button when target is locked
• Raise the accelerometer to get the desired speed
Key Features:
• Extreme deadly jets to fight on
• Realistic based jet simulations used
• Challenging missions with engaging gameplay
• Various modern fighting jets to select from
• Easy controls with engaging gameplay
• Virtual purchasing shop
• Free on Google play, just install and enjoy
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