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The depths of innocence versus the depths of evil. Cute beyond belief versus unbridled horror and blood-lust. What happens when you pit an army of savage, unthinking and unfeeling zombies against a hero in a baby diaper and a jetpack?

Free Action Games Plus Fun Apps answers that question in one of the best family games for boys & girls in 2013 – Jetpack Baby!

In this crazy Android game, a free app, the end has finally come. A plague of zombies have taken over, and the majority of the human population has been torn to pieces or joined their ranks. Little is left of the world we once knew, and Earth's cities are slowly going to ruins, our technology steadily disappearing as our great buildings crumble into dust and decay.

But with the birth of a new generation, a hero emerges. Meet Jetpack Baby, a micro-superhero with a diaper and an attitude. He may have not experienced the world as it was, but he's Mankind's best chance of getting it all back in this cool game. Touch your finger to the screen and watch Jetpack Baby soar into the skies, flying over an apocalyptic zombie world and battling in the air above a crumbling zombie city.

The skies are not for him alone either. In this game, you share the skies with the enemies – the flying zombie, flying office zombie, and death bird zombie rider. Jetpack Baby has to avoid these oncoming attackers and death birds and pick his way through the mayhem in the skies. Feel the rush and embrace the challenge, blasting the living dead from the air with your cartoon gun and collecting gold pacifiers.

The object of the game is to collect as many gold pacifiers as possible as the flying dead come faster and faster. Compare your scores with friends on Game Center to see who makes the biggest, baddest Jetpack Baby.

Sure to be one of the top popular free kids games, Jetpack Baby is compatible with Android.

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