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Unlike most games of war this one kills no one. Turn bad people into nice, friendly, highway zombies. Recycle their cars using jars of top secret panda jam. Stop incoming vehicles at all cost, if you fail all that will be left of your home is a hearthstone or two. You have seen it before... You are still carrying a pendant made of a hearthstone, memento of another life, another family. Don't let it happen again. Grab jars of panda jam and make it rain!

This is a game of war, war for survival of the species. Your species!

How to play:
It's easy - throw jars of panda jam at incoming vehicles.

How to lose:
Let too many vehicles past you.
You have 10 pandlets at home, every time you let a vehicle through you lose one or more of them. If all your pandlets are gone, you have no reason to fight and the game ends.
Tractors are deadly, these will destroy your home and kill all your pandlets, stop them at all cost.
Buses and trucks make you lose 4 of your pandlets.
Sport cars will take away one but are difficult to hit, so time your throws well!
Other cars will kill 2 of your cubs.

Don't wait, grab the panda jam and make it rain, you don't want another Hearthstone pendant, you don't need another secret!

This is same game as Eco Panda, except it features super annoying talking panda. Try it, laugh it off. If talking panda becomes unbearable, download regular "Eco Panda" here:

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