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Tank Battles Go

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Tank Battles Go
Games action adventure into battle with the tanks
Beautiful 3D design with simple gameplay with hundreds of map of diverse tasks system helps players get the exciting experience
How to play
-your Tank system: You will have 3 levels for your tank, level 1 tank move at normal speed to control you have 2 options can use 4 control buttons up, down, left, right, or can use join stick to control drag left right, above, below, to control the tank. Level 2 Tank will transform and move faster than normal tank. Level 3 your Tank will continue to transform and have huge than normal tank and can destroy the rocks ....
-the enemy system includes 12: Soldier, jeep, tricycle cars, 4-wheel automobile, Tank the different levels
-to destroy the men you can shoot down or crashing his Tank straight into
-to destroy the cars and jeeps with the pace moving fast you need the absolute correct operation
-to destroy the armored Tank type, Shark Tank ... You need 2-5 times the shoot to destroy them
-in the process of destroying the walls around you'll collect coins, coins will help you purchase the in-game items to aid in the process of playing
-helicopter: Will drop the box provided the item for you during game play
-bomber: when the warning after 30 minutes a bomber will appear and drop bombs. You need to control your Tank out of position may be bombarded
-Item in the game include: Item Bom will put a bomb on the move when the troops go through will be destroyed, Item Speed will help your tank speed, Item Build will build your fortress, the fortress will be protected by a layer of hard rock pierced with small tanks , item Time will make the enemy paralyzed within 10 seconds, the Item Level will transform your tank level
-With each level when you pass you will be rewarded with 3 hearts when you get 1 star, 6 the heart when you get 2 stars and 9 hearts when you are 3 stars
-games give you 3 camera's perspective, with the default Camera angle 3 you will look for the camera 2 and camera 1 will close the 2D game

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