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The game Pac Monster is built with a totally new game character pac monster has a round shape scroll 2 the edge of the screen automatically
the characters in the game, chợi
-Robot: with the ability to move flexibly can jump over different positions move in straight lines and the amount of blood to kill the robot you need to shoot accurately with 3 bullets or bullets when a perfect shot
-Shark: shark with sharp teeth move z will be very hard for you to be able to destroy the robot, just as the sharks you must destroy with 3 rounds or absolute accuracy Institute 1
--Mushrooms: Fungus character has 2 types of kid-sized flexible moves would be difficult for you than this character will move with high speed and hard to guess the position, With flexible fungi moving across the screen edge 2 mushrooms slow back does not do so it moves in a spiral so it is difficult for you to guess the location of it
To kill this fungus 2 you need two hits or absolute time 1
-Hippos is the character can speak is simple but also no less difficult need to 3 rounds to kill hippos
-The spider Boss With boss character are we building will really be a great challenge to you
with the flexible migration medium medium release the toxins down makes you can game over at any time, to destroy the boss spider you should shoot accurately into 4 spider's eyes. When complete the dc 4 eye of the spider you will kill spiders.
With perfect precision shot 2 will appear in an Ark of this ammunition chest while firing bullets you will add 6 rounds, when perfect x 3 dual gun appears to be usable you need to shoot on it
Ark of the bullet and the gun will disappear in certain period of time if you don't hit
Every day you can buy 10 free rounds
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