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Super potato!
Potato Superman rescue the Princess.
With how the game similar to the classic mario game but it was a very hard game, completely simple moves on our join stick
Categories softcore action game Super attractive will help you have a great game experience
The game is the journey to rescue the Princess of superheroes, past potato beetles, Bros, beetles and slugs the path full of pitfalls
The game is divided into 6 journey equivalent to 6 levels so that players pass
each level has a different difficulty level you will undergo periods of the seemingly insurmountable but don't be discouraged, please try again and make sure that you will be able to overcome
-Level 1 to pass this level you will have to overcome the beetles go below ground, the beetles fly out of the socket, trees, mushrooms, snails, beetles in addition the clouds also will create for you the unexpected or the ground beneath you will also be to command when you close
-Level 2 after passing level 1 it is difficult you will step into conquering the next level, level 2. To pass this level you have to be really skillful, every step of the superhuman characters in potato game are both to be cautious, the trap be placed anywhere along with the monsters, the stars and the carrot will bring surprise for you. This level is the underground journey
-Level 3 the journey in the forest
to overcome this difficult journey you must focus its ingenuity but the monster still standing are the beetles, fungi, beetles in addition at this level you will clash more the evil bird
-Level 4 after experiencing real difficulty level 3 you will have to pass the level 4 is a journey in the mines with the ring of fire always works or the chain contains the railway Bureau will fall in you at any of the questions in this level will make you curious to discover and to pass
-5-level roads in the forest structure
This level will be simpler than the level you've been through, but not simple compared to the other games you have to skillfully overtake but ladder move in the air and don't be falling off the ladder, please?
-Level 6 pass the city devastated, devastated city scene by poisonous mushrooms, beetles, and other monsters of the city poured down your legs you will have to pass the final levels to rescue the Princess potatoes

The game is completely free for the players, there is not any item support to pass the fair will fully come with all of you try to overcome the challenges that we for you
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