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Poke Brain is a simple game for training and exercising your left and right brain. In fact, it is a question of choosing the right button according to the meaning of the displayed word on the screen for a countdown which depends on the reached score. If the score is less than five, the answering time will be four seconds, if the score between five and ten the answering time will be 2 seconds, otherwise the answering time will be 1 second.

Poke Brain bases on the principle that we possess both brain hemispheres, which interact constantly but each one present specific functions. The left hemisphere relies on break down problems and analytical thinking, however the right hemisphere relies on creativity and holistic thinking. The perfect is to promote the communication between these two brain hemispheres.

In the game Poke Brain you notice that the right part of the brain tries to find the color but the left part of the brain insists on reading the word.

- 3 languages AR, FR and EN
- Designed for all ages and kids.

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