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the game of Kabour and Chaibia is an action games and very famous adventure in the Maghreb and more specifically in Morocco this game simulates two personalities known in Morocco and speaks of Kabbour Ch3aybia or Kabor o Ch3ibia these two famous actors and Moroccan actors.

the game w Kabour Chaibia Represent Mr Kabbour in a scary place he tries to fight these enemies ch3ibiya ghost and skeleton also ch3ibia and other horrible objects, it is happening on several stages or courses, try this game is fun , Makaynch m3amen has Kabbour.

al3ab Kabour and ch3aybia, games al3ab banat wa wa awlad for big and small, Please give 5 star for our game and share it on social networks Facebook and google plus and on twitter.

Here are the features of the game kbbour ch3aybia o / o lo3bat Kabour ch3ibya:
- Try to keep alive Kabour.
- Kill the ghost and skeleton enemies and other objects.
- Earn bonuses to improve your score.
- Avoid obstacles ghosts and skeletons ch3ibya to increase the score.

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