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Omega Falcon – Star Force is an exciting, action-packed, shoot’em-up for Android platforms. In the game, you control the Omega Falcon, one of Blue Galaxy's fastest spaceships, in the hopes of putting a stop to the attacks of the Outcasts. This savage alien force goes from galaxy to galaxy, with just a goal in main: conquest. After they have settle and consumed everything, they leave for their next stop. Your beloved Blue Galaxy is next. Do not allow it.

In order to complete your mission, you will need to navigate through eight sectors, where enemies have set up camp. To help yourself accomplish the goal of each level, you can collect different power-ups - each with strengths and weaknesses - that certain enemies drop after you defeat them. They grant abilities, from rapid-fire lasers to missiles. Each power-up has its advantages and disadvantages. Missiles hit hard but are harder to aim and have a higher fire rate. Meaning you will take longer to shoot each round. Lasers can be fired faster yet are weaker than missiles. Think carefully before picking up the item when an enemy drops it.

Each level has a goal such as defeat the boss or survive for an amount of time. At the end of the level, if you complete the goal, your score will be saved and you will be presented with the amount of enemies destroyed and the time it took to complete the level. You can always retry a level to see if you can improve your numbers.
Each level beyond the first is unlocked by beating the previous one. It’s not an easy task, though; as the game will challenge you with the enemy formations and their attacks patterns. If you can’t beat a level, keep trying until you improve your skill. Keep an eye for each pattern of attack and the arrangement of the formation; you will soon find the right strategy to beat them.

In this game you will find the following features:
- 8 challenging Levels with different goals to clear.
- Different enemy types with unique attack patterns.
- More than 5 power-ups including: wide-range laser attacks, missiles, long-range lasers and homing missiles.
- Personal high score tracking by level.
- English and Spanish support.
- Full 3D in-game models.
- Over the top 2D camera.

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