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Are you in for ultra-entertaining match 3 gaming. Jewel Splash Fun is a pure resemblance of what every match 3 game should be. Entertaining, upbeat, variable, unpredictable and challenging! We are sure that you’ll love it, even if you don’t like match 3 games!


Jewel Splash Fun Match 3 combines many different puzzle games into one. Months of hard work passed by and we created this game to match the taste and needs of the passionate match puzzle gaming lovers, but also to satisfy the needs of the players that want just to enjoy amazing gaming on their Android device.


Each animation and artwork is crafted according to our inspiring moment. That is why you will see lots of unique artwork that can only enhance your gaming experience. The HD graphics with crisp colors, vivid themes and backgrounds, and appropriately entertaining gaming sounds, can only make you love the game even more.

# Don’t Waste Your MOVES #

Moves are extremely important in our game. So, be sure to be strategic because that will help you pass through the levels faster and with more points. Jewel Splash Fun Match 3 will try to make things difficult each level. There are different challenges that are created with the goal for you to be even more entertained. As you craft your match 3 skill, we are sure you will get more and more points and pass more and more levels.

#$ Jewel Splash Fun Match 3 FEATURES $#

We tried to make something different and something that will make you keep coming back for more and more.

Here are the features:

- Outstandingly beautiful match 3 gameplay

- Adorably enjoyable HD graphics

- Complete audio-visual gaming experience that is memorable

- Different match game modes

- Increasing difficulties, game becomes harder as you progress

- Incredible sound effects

- Addictive gameplay, makes you play repeatedly

- Stimulating levels that you’ll want to pass each time you’ll play

# Users Love Jewel Splash Fun #

Epic gaming experience is always appreciated:

“That’s how supposed to be done”

“My son and I both adore it. It’s a different match 3 gaming experience, something that I needed as an amid puzzle gaming fan. Extraordinary animations and game difficulty progression”

“Extremely adorable, match 3 puzzle game entertainment that anyone could enjoy, no matter the age, would highly recommend it to anyone”

“This is lovely, Jewel Splash Fun Match 3 is one of those games that I gladly go back to and can enjoy for hours”

“Simply enjoyable, love the graphics and the color selection!”

@@ Get More POINTS and Use the Power UPS @@

Try to get more points and finish the levels with all stars and on-time. However, when the game is hard, just use the different little helps that can solve some difficult situations. Don’t worry, every level is passable, and this help is need sometimes when Jewel Splash Fun Match 3 gets too hard.

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