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IMPORTANT: This application will ONLY work with PlusNet users who have a monthly 'allowance'. It does not work for users who have an unlimited data usage account. I do not work for PlusNet, so if this application doesn't work for you, there is nothing I can do to help, it works for my account. Rather than leaving negative feedback, please email PlusNet and ask when an official Android application is being released if you want mobile access to your PlusNet account. If it works for you, enjoy!

*** Check out my PRO version which includes a Widget and MORE PlusNet owned domains (e.g Force9 V@H and Free-OnLine) ***

PlusNet Bandwidth Usage application is designed to retrieve your PlusNet bandwidth usage securely from the official PlusNet web site. This version is designed to run on Android 1.6 (Donut) and above.

I have no affiliation with PlusNet. Since there is no official PlusNet app, I've written this application in my spare time and wanted to share it with other PlusNet customers (for free).

All data is stored securely on your device using standard encryption techniques. All data is sent between your phone and PlusNet servers, using secure web requests.

Q Why does it take a long time to 'refresh' my usage?
A PlusNet servers can be slow to respond sometimes, this is outside of my control. My application will time out after 45 seconds if no response is received. If its slow, try logging in to the PlusNet 'Members' site (which is what my application does).

Q What extras do I get with the Pro version?
A No Ads, more PlusNet domains, widget, tabbed layout containing PlusNet contact telephone numbers.

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