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In January 2016 one days work recognized revised cost cars
Commercial passenger cars, the cost is recognized by writing a car driving histroy (driving log and driving diary) should be submitted to the National Tax Service.

It should be kept or submitted after writing the diary corporate vehicles to avoid tax bomb.

It has been developed according to a notice from the government (National Tax Service) "commercial passenger vehicle driving record."

* Mileage is saved automatically (GPS), it can be modified at any time details.

[How to use]

1. When the operation started - start button
2. When finished, station-stop buttons
3. Invalid operation information corrected / deleted
4. driving record files Download phone / e-mail

▶ Created for the utmost convenience.
▶ always welcome and are requested to communicate the updates.

* Update History

- After starting operation Additional features enable operation stop button on the notification window (2016-03-30 Ver.1.0.2)
- Color print dialogue box invisible phenomena modified in some devices (2016-03-31 Ver.1.0.3)
- Optimized for three complete National Tax Service Form Notice of Change May 31 (2016-04-01 Ver.1.0.4)
- Added notification bar Lock Operation Start / Stop Button (2016-04-02 Ver.1.0.5)

---------------------- 2016. 04. 01 more

A "work cars driving record" notice from the National Tax Service when driving records stored in the latest version are fully in accordance with the stored form.

Customers who need an Excel file is http://dev.jeycorp.com/voj/voj_doc.xlsx <- Here get down.

Today safely ...

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