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The ultimate SMS & call notification forwarder!

Do you find yourself juggling with multiple Android devices?
Have you ever missed an important call notification or text message, because it had been sent to a device you didn’t carry around with you all the time?
Are you tired of constantly checking both your private & work phone for messages and calls?

Then FREEforward is the perfect solution for you!

Simply hook up two Android devices ( the app needs to be installed on both of them) of your choice and FREEforward will start sending you notifications of missed calls and actual text messages from one device to the other. (SMS text messages are forwarded via data connection and therefore do *not* use your SMS account.)

PLUS: You’ll even be able to reply to text messages with your distant phone via remote access.*

PLUS: If your forwarding phone runs under Android 4.3+ FREEforward will be able to forward you your first new WhatsApp message ( This needs special permissions and is disabled by default).

Your advantages at a glance:
• Hook up two devices: i.e. work phone & private phone or smartphone & tablet
• Forward your SMS text messages, call notifications and your first new WhatsApp message to your 2nd device for free (via data connection)
• Reply to text messages with distant phone via remote control*
• Your transmitted personal data (messages, phone numbers) is encrypted via End-To-End encryption

* Note: in order to send SMS with a remote device, you’ll need to grant FREEforward permission to send SMS.
It’ll only use this permission upon your explicit action. FREEforward will never send any SMS without your notice.
For sending SMS, standard charges of your contract apply.

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