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Fond of playing games? Are you still throwing Angry birds?? OR setting new records in temple run ??

May be you are kicking the Zombie or Searching words with Friends

No? Well then I guess you are a Ninja cutting fruits or crushing candies or doing a Prom night makeover OR a pirate fighting with Dragons and Aliens

Android games are here for quite some time now. If you think you are good at playing games, you should also know what you are playing !!!

Check out our new puzzle app that lets you guess games by showing 4 difference scenes. You are shown cut pieces of popular android games, and you must guess what game it is! The clues can be tough sometimes, but with some gaming knowledge and imagination you can guess the game in no time. 4 Scenes 1 Game, has many levels to work through, and as you unlock each level, you are allowed to advance to the next level.
Happy Guessing !!!!

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