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– Find amazing street performers near you, in real time.

– Find out more about the lives of these artists.

– Tip buskers with secure, one-click cashless payments.

– Become a “Fan” and follow your favourites.

– Buy music straight to your phone. (Coming soon)

– Hire a Busker. They engage audiences instantly!

– Connect to the worldwide busking community.

– Improve city life with a vibrant busking ecosystem.


It’s a backstage pass to the street!
Choose to experience city life differently. Connect with the essence of your local urban culture.
Find great street shows happening near you. Keep up to date with your favourite performers.
Discover the best unsigned local talent. And one-click support these amazing artists to keep street performance alive (for when you’re not carrying cash!).


Busk will help you to digitally connect with your audience, build your fan base, gain fans, and of course, earn more money from people not carrying cash. Use the app and website to showcase your talent, improve your profile, get hired for gigs/shows, sell your music and get cashless tips. All you have to do is send your audience to your profile. So;

– Tell your audience!

– “Find me on busk.co”

– “Download the Busk App from the Play Store

– Display your profile’s URL on your sign

– Tell other buskers about it too – the more people who use it in your city, the more people will use it near you, and the greater benefits to you all.


Encourage your street performers to use Busk, so your audience will get live updates of who is performing in each of your locations. This app will make happier buskers because they can earn more money, and happier audience because they can find out where to go, and get more info on the performers. Improve your results with more data, easier management, extra options for sponsors to bring in more money, lowering costs or increasing sales. Win win!


Increase walkability and bring in more tourists by creating a memorable cultural experience in your city. Buskers require the least infrastructure and they are high impact. Encourage artistic communities and create a sustainable cultural ecosystem. Busk also inspires people to come to town to enjoy busking, and plan their trips around street performers. That’s why we choose Busking!


Busk connects your company or brand with the best street performers worldwide. Find and hire a trusted busker to surprise, inspire and immediately engage your audience. Connect with the world’s largest community of buskers!

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