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URM Emulator for Android, is an Unlimited Register Machine implementation as defined in the book "Computability: An Introduction to Recursive Function Theory", by Nigel Cutland.

This emulator was conceived to be quick and pleasant for designing and debugging your URM programs, while maintaining a very low memory footprint even during extremelly long calculations with very large values.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Contact E-Mail: jfvsoft@gmail.com

Icons, Background and Featured Graphics art design by Nuno Silva.
Contact E-Mail: nuno.gfs@gmail.com

With this App you can:
✔ Design and run your programs.
✔ Set 6 different computation speeds (can be changed during the computation).
✔ Set a special high-performance mode, called "Realtime".
✔ Follow your program's execution closely with the URM state changes highlights.
✔ Save your programs for later use.
✔ Try out the 15 example programs that come with the app.
✔ Auto-save last computation (triggered by a Halt in the URM)
✔ Pause/Unpause or Halt computations at any time.
✔ Run your program step-by-step.
✔ Know the elapsed time and number of steps your algorithm is doing.
✔ Follow the Registers state recent history.
✔ Leave the app during a calculation, without loosing data.
✔ Monitor the background URM service state with the notification icon.
✔ Use values for registers up to 9.22 × 10^18.

✔Large Screen mode: Devices with 7 inch screens and larger, on landscape orientation, have a dedicated user interface that takes full advantage of the screen size, having a 3-parted screen, with 3 resizable windows.

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