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You will feel super powerful when you control this Triceratops as he rampages and smashes everything in his path. When you think of the Jurassic period, the Triceratops is one dino that comes to mind. The game is loaded with 6 action packed maps with loads of interactive objects. Enjoy both city, park, and farm settings with horses, hay, and fences to smash.This dinosaur simulator is equal parts entertainment and interaction.

Smash into the explosive gas tanks. Watch as the flame comes out of the small propane grill tanks. Plenty of fun smash and fart sounds that will have you laughing for hours. If you like the other sim games like Wolf, Shark, Trex, Raptor, Cheetah, etc, you will probably like this one even more.

Realistic 3D Triceratops Dinosaur Model and excellent 3D graphics with fast and fun gameplay.

There are 6 uniquely designed game levels that includes giant ants, spiders, scorpions. There are rain and snow effects included in the maps. Race around and smash into as many cars, trucks, tractors, people, skaters, and everything else that is not bolted to the ground. The ultimate animal simulator you will not be able to put down.

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