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Nowadays, racing and car games dont satisfy you anymore ? You feel like you just play the same games, over and over again, they all look the same and, most of all, you dont feel challenge and realism anymore while playing a car game ? In that case, just try Underground Parking 2 !

Underground Parking 2 is a driving simulation game in an underground parking. Both realistic and immersive. Learn how to drive, how to slalom between obstacles, how to steer clear of the pedestrians and all the cars. Parallel parking is what you fear the most ? Then play this unique car game and learn (or re-learn) this famous manoeuvre which everybody fears !
From the easiest manoeuvre to the most complicated one, from slaloming to the handling of the visibility in complex situations and narrow corrifors ; every existing driving situation is present in this driving simulation !

Underground Parking is the perfect simulation for those who would like to learn how to drive and manoeuvre between plenty of obstacles. With the annoying pedestrians (as stupid as some of them in real life !), the many cars and the lack of space ; many of little details make this game a real parking driving simulation.
Be watchful, patient, and, most of all, keep an eye on everything, because your goal is to go all over each map before eventually parking, without any scratch. Because in this case, if you do scratch your car, beware your insurance and the repairing cost !
So, plenty of levels are waiting for you, each one of them is particular, offers his own challenge, and is different from all the others. Whether you are a young driver, or a “skilled one”, or you’re somebody who never ever even touched a wheel in his life ; this game is a very good simulation. It totally fits with any kind of player !

What makes the strength of this driving and parking simulation is its backgrounds. Here, you are playing in a parking, which implies a very unique kind of challenge. It is harder driving and parking in an underground parking than outside under the sun light in a mall parking for example. Complex and technical, driving had never been so fun !

Positive points of our game, Underground Parking 2 :
- 40 levels
- 2 modes of difficulty
- High quality HD graphics
- The background music
- A rising yet not frustratring challenge
- Many cars at your disposal
- A good gameplay

This game was tested on :
-Samsung Galaxy S2
-Samsung Galaxy S3
-Samsung Galaxy S4
-Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy note 8.0
- Google Nexus 4
- Google Nexus 5
- Google Nexus 7 2012
- Motorola Moto G
- Meizu MX 4
- JXD S7300

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