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The ORIGINAL CopyCat. Over one million downloads!

CopyCat is a simple and addictive memory game. Watch the lights and try to repeat the sequence. The sequence will get longer and faster with each round. But be careful, one wrong tap and... bzzz! game over.


* Timeout (race the clock)
* 4 start-up speeds
* 4 button theme styles
* 2 tone styles
* Local & global leaderboards
* Full HD graphics
* Works great on tablets too

CopyCat features high quality graphics and sounds. Test your memory and boost your brain power with this great game similar to childhood favorite 'simon says'. Simply follow the leader! This great retro game can be enjoyed by all ages.

How to Play: Copy Cat will make a random sequence, starting with only one. All you have to do is repeat the pattern, taking turns with the computer. But be careful, the pattern will get longer and faster with each round. Hit the wrong button and BZZZ! It's game over!

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5 years

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