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*App no longer supported by the developer

HD Contacts is a way to keep HD images paired up with your contacts on your phone without having to manually add them after flashing a new ROM or restoring your phone back to factory settings. Simple set up the contacts one time and back up the settings for when you need to restore them.

This app is a great workaround to fix that issue with ICS phones with blurry pictures due to low-res images restored by Gmail.

Developed using Galaxy Nexus (VZW - Toro). Any other device is not tested. Recommended for Nexus devices. *********

Known issue:
-Galaxy Nexus Stock and other ICS devices have an issue with hiding images with the preference option. [This is a known issue with ICS(4.x) and its MediaScanner]

*This is my first app so please help me to improve it by sending me feedback. If you like the app, please donate if you're able to. (Paypal) Also please be patient with updates, I am a full time student and have a full time job. I say busy. :)

READ_CONTACT/WRITE_CONTACTS: Required to make changes to your contacts for you.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This is needed to store the cropped images and save a backup of your settings.

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