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Kids vs. Pirates

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You are brave pirates hunter ! You kill pirates for bounty... and fun :)

Kids vs. Pirates - if you are a kid (or a pirate) this game is right for you :-)

This game is for those kids who like sea, would love to go on adventure and appreciate joyful cartoon style... Which means for everyone!
Once you played the game in normal mode, check out 'fleas' mode - it's hilarious!
5 colorful cartoony levels bring you fun and train your patience. This game is not for mind-less rushing forward. Enemies can be right behind (the screen) corner! Tilt your device carefully!

If you are a kid, you will like and rate this game high :) ! If you are pirate you will probably dislike and rate low. But hey! it was your own choice to become a pirate, don't blame our game!

How to play: touch 'Left' & 'Right' arrow buttons to move, use 'Jump' & 'Attack' to ... well, take a guess :D

My great gratitude goes to Xamarin developers, and MonoGame developers - thank you so much for wonderful tools! I ported from Windows to Android in 1 day!

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