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Highway Rider Zombie Killer is a game based on a zombie highway and the target is killing zombies as many as you can. You are going to drive a car in zombie town and you are going to be on a death race. So there would be no way out other than killing zombies.
You would have killing those zombies in a zombie town otherwise you would be on a death race and it would be hard for you to survive.
This zombie car killing game is fun game for all ages. You are going to love this zombie game. This zombie apocalypse survival game is very exciting zombie car killing game that will keep you busy in fun time.
When your hometown is overrun by the zombies,the only thing left to do soon becomes clear - drive your waythrough a zombie apocalypse! you not only can drive your waythrough hordes of the walking dead, but also you can shoot down thezombies using machine guns and RPGs equipped on the car. Is yourvehicle strong enough for the challenges as your inevitable doomcloses in around you? This game delivers cars and weapons neverbefore seen on mobile!

Game Features:
- Intense zombie-blasting action and racing gameplay!
- 10 exciting weapons and 5 vesicles at your disposal
- Story mode and Endless mode with 7 relentless zombie types
- Stunning 3D graphics and inspiring soundtracks
How to Play:

- Simply hit the zombies to kill them
- Don't hit the kids surfers from neighborhood
- Use the special power-ups wisely

Shoot zombies with a growing arsenal of handguns, shotguns, and automatics. Shoot recently smashed zombies for extra damage!

Steer to avoid obstacles all while trying to SMASH latched on zombies into debris - OR - run zombies down before they can
jump on your car!

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