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A new exciting free 3D hill climbing 4x4 race game is now in the market with a bang. 3D hill climbing 4x4 race is the latest sensation for every 4x4 racer out there in the 3D world free games. Unlike other traditional race games of Hill Climbing with 4x4 vehicle, free 3D hill climbing 4x4 race game gives you the pleasure of more than real Hill Climbing tracks and tricky tracks of hills and best real physics based 3D controls which gives you the feeling of world’s most awesome steering of 4x4. We know you love to steer 4x4 and make your best climbing experience with your 4x4 vehicle on the hilly tracks.

So to make free 3D hill climbing 4x4 race game more tempting more thrilling we have added amazing 4x4 vehicles, if you don’t have enough to buy a 4x4 vehicles to steer across the amazing hill climbing tracks, don’t feel your heart bad, the real and free 3D Hill climbing race game along with amazing 3D 4x4 racing vehicle with more than real physics based controls refreshing 3D environment of hilly areas is here to brighten up your 3D world of free games.

Choose your best 4x4 3D vehicle and Drive at your finest 3D hill climbing tracks for free. Yesss! It’s Absolutely Free!! Come on 4x4 gearheads and 4x4 racers nerds steer it the way you do in real life because 3D Hill Climbing 4x4 Race game is not only free but nearest to Real.

Real racers don’t put their 4x4 vehicles in the garage in fact they love to steer them on the road by racing, crushing and putting their name at the top of the leader board of 3D hill climbing 4x4 race without wasting money because it’s free for you. People used to say fun is not free but I guess you won’t agree with this after getting indulge in craziness of new exciting free 3D racing game 3D Hill climbing 4x4 race with your favorite 4x4 vehicle.

Wait! Are you falling down? Press Break button hard and make your 4x4 3D vehicle your slave by jamming her on the middle of the track. Restart giant 4x4 with a slight reverse BOOM! Your vehicle is again crazy to steer along the 3D hilly tracks of 3D Climbing Hill 4x4 Race free game. Take a deep breath and hold your nerves; climbing on a twisted and steep 3D hill top needs more concentration balance the suspension of giant 4x4 vehicle, shot out with real physics of making 3D race with 4x4 vehicle over a challenging hilly yet beautiful 3D track.

Fuel is limited! Collect the fuel by putting your paddle and accelerate your 3D 4x4 vehicle and reached the fuel tank before it’s too late.
Twist the Ignition and Starts 3D Hill Climbing 4x4 race free game!


Fuel refill for 3D 4x4 vehicles
Free intuitive game play with Basic Physics
Beautiful 3D Hill Climbing environment.
Real 3D graphics
Tilt to steer
Enjoy Controls and Suspension with Real Physics.
3D Vehicle Jamming feature
Race fast for Highest score & achievements on Leaderboard
Turbo sounds of engine and brakes of 3D 4x4 vehicles
More tracks and vehicles will be added in next Update
3D Hill Climbing 4x4 Race is Compatible with all android devices support 3D games.

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