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The new amazing 3D action experience of police vs underworld criminals chase is going to be exciting action in USA. 3D Police action no less exciting than battle filled with underworld chase. Once again USA city need action to save it from the underworld criminals when everybody fails you are the last hope of the USA city police and we are sure enough you won’t let anybody down in this chase of latest 3D action sensation Police vs Underworld chase. Whenever the evil hit the ground, goodness have to chase the area and make it place to live peaceful. In USA city this is a work that need to be done by city police of USA at frontline to crush the Underworld criminals to end and USA a better place for people who want to live peacefully.

Police vs Underworld chase action games, an exciting platform for action 3d games lover to hit the top of the leader board by removing underworld criminals names by their own blood in the middle of USA city at frontline and mark the name in the legends of action in 3D world of action. So what are you waiting for? Download Police vs underworld chase action game and mark the history of action police in 3D action world of games.

The amazing experience of police chasing underworld criminals is going to be more exciting in USA To make Police fighting at frontline more tempting the USA police will loaded police officer with deadly weapons unlimited supply of ammunitions, USA made police tanks, Cobra police helicopters, USA technology based missiles and latest technology for USA police to get over all the evils in underworld, chase them and smash them to death. Shot your underworld crime city’s enemy with highly professional weapons like professional police officer, chase the underworld crime city’s building loaded with illegal weapons and underworld criminals. Radial view while using Police helicopters to chase the hidden underworld crime city’s criminals and explode the entire underworld crime city in USA to play your part in making USA more happier and peaceful place to live. Prove yourself a faithful USA citizen and drive criminal nuts by thrilling actions of 3D Police Vs Underworld chase in city of USA.
It’s a Chase of Action, Chase of survival, Chase of luck and Chase of Passion. Take your enthusiasm at the top nerves because you being a Police of USA at frontline couldn’t it far better than anybody could in the world.
Easy and smooth action play to make you feel like real police of USA. Interactive frontline 3D environment with clear actions to live the dream of being a part of underworld criminal hunt.

- Play action as special crime officer of USA and become a legend in Police vs underworld chase in USA.
- Interactive actions in 3D graphics
- Well known 3D features specially for USA action players
- Single player mode to smash the crime state of USA with typical police actions.
- Intuitive physics based control of weapons in Police Vs Underworld chase in USA.
- Latest police weapons and fully equipped police cobra helicopters and police tanks and much more
- Unlimited ammunitions for continuing action in whole mission
- Leader board to tell the world your policeman skills and policeman actions on the 3D platform of Police vs Underworld chase.
- Realistic police cars and action controls.
- Realistic chase of Underworld vs Police Environment.
- Police siren & police lights to boost underworld chase.
- 2 Camera modes games of Police vs Underworld chase in USA: Ariel & 3D mode
- Police vs Underworld chase Compatible with all android devices support 3D games.

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