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Hello Friends out there meet my friend Spazzy! Isn’t she Cute,lil shooter?
Last night she’s indulge in a fight with baby birds at living at the top of wood house of Spazzy. BOoM BoOm!!
Now she’s planning to play free 3D puzzle bubble gams with birds, she’s a shooter and shoot with bubble birds and make them fly or to drop them down in the water pond.
Yelling birds alarms the neighboring birds. In free game 3D puzzle bubble shooter game birds are here to help their peer birds, rescue them from shooter and drowning in the water.
Unfortunately Spazzy is not pretty good shooter could you give her hand for free to take fun at the top of the moon & hit the tiny winy bird to enjoy water bath?
Puzzle Bubble Bird Shooter 3D is the finest cool headed free 3D puzzle game for your android device.
New Exciting free 3D Puzzle bubble bird shooter game is in the market with the bang of cuteness and naughtiness at its best. If you are fun lover or a pet lover nothing could be more adorable then 3D shooter experience of Puzzle bubble bird shooter in a watery 3D environment with my lil Spazzy. I’m sure you going to Love my 3D bubble Bird teaser more after playing exciting 3D Puzzle bubble bird shooter.
It’s Free, Free, and Free!!! Satisfy the craving of puzzle bubbles free game with adorable birds and a shooter Spazzy Boost the excitement with a shooter in your own self and our cute shooter Spazzy in a real 3D graphics. Toss and match your clone bubble bird with defending bird’s crew, wake up the shooter and through birds into the water. Falling down the naughty birds into the water makes you feel so gloomy.
Worried moms we are here with the solution of your disturbing kid. Hand them android device install 3D Puzzle Bubble Bird Shooter and tell them to be a shooter of adorable birds and drop them into the water pond. Shoot the bubble bird where more than 2 same colored birds are rescuing their friends. Falling birds off from the tree and taking shower into the water make them happy and I’m sure they won’t panic you anymore.
Warning: You are grown up but satisfy shooter kid inside you by playing puzzle bubble game for free. It’s an Addictive free 3D Puzzle bubble game. You can lose your weight by spending more time in playing 3D Puzzle bubble bird shooter and less time for eating.
Two interactive free game modes,
1) 3D Endless mode for endless free supply of excitement in a 3D puzzle bubble stage for bird shooter to make birds bath in pond water. Shoot more and more birds to engage highest rank in Leader board.
2) 3D Puzzle mode is design to make your bubble shooter journey challenging one after another level. Some 3D levels are quite easy but some baby birds will give shooter tough time while try to drowning in water.
In each 3D puzzle bubble level collect 3 crystal jacket birds and win the free 3D puzzle bubble bird shooter stars. Direct your shooter to shot maximum birds to earn 3 stars and highest rank among your friends on leader board and become 3D bird shooter of era.

Free Intuitive Puzzle bubble game play
Adorable shooter Spazzy squirrel for pet lovers
3D graphic game and smooth swipe control
Two puzzle game modes:
3D Endless: Shooter! Shoot more bubble birds to earn more score.
3D Puzzle: Beat the level one after another puzzle bubble levels to reach at the top shooter.
Over 400+ 3D Puzzles bubble Shooter stages
3 different eye catching Puzzle bubble views Day,Night & Water still more to update.
Colorful 3D puzzle bubble birds with adorable 3D design GUI
Gather Crystal jacket bubble birds to compete faster
CHALLENGE your peers on Leader boards and become the 3D Puzzle bubble bird shooter Master!
Free Updates with More 3D puzzle bubble levels and enjoyable themes for shooters
3D Puzzle bubble bird shooter Compatible with all android devices support 3D games.

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