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Here we are with the best Roller Coaster Ride VR. Take a break from pressure and stress by Riding on Roller Coaster in beautiful theme park and experience real life sensation of this 3D roller coaster and an exciting environment with your mobile virtual reality headset for Google Cardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset. It is one of the best Roller Coast Games. Have you ever watched the real roller coaster? Become a Roller Coaster Tycoon and enjoy this Balloons Smasher game.
With this revolutionary Roller Coaster Crazy Ride VR, you can now play your favorite Roller coaster game competing against your friends! Play and enjoy slope, ups and downs with 3D roller coaster tracks full of steep, sky-scraping peaks, huge drops and gut-wrenching.
Crush gravity hold down your breath tightly, inhale extreme air, Crush balloons on your way and perform insane stunts as you overcome challenging breakable tracks.
Ready to play this! Enjoy holiday in fun land. Game is completely simulate task, sit with your friends and enjoy top flight tour with your friends. Experience Graphics and Artwork complete package and enjoy full Amusement and thrill with world top fast and furious drive.

Roller Coaster Game Features:

• Drive roller coaster rides using a unique, gyroscopic function.
• Let the tightly tuned physics engine create the most thrilling rides of your life.
• The additive theme roller coaster park game.
• You will run like crazy over the roller coaster in the theme park.
• You can even play without internet connection.
• This game is a complete fun to relax your mind or while waiting for subway and surf all the way to work.
• Enjoy with your friends.
• Game can be played even without VR.
• Keep yourself entertained with our array of costumed passenger dummies.
• Advanced graphics.
• High-speed, coaster loops
• It is 100% FREE, runs smoothly on your devices.
• Animated menu

Game Play:

• Use play button to get your game started.
• You may de select VR in case you want to play it in simple mode.
• Tilt the device to complete your roller coaster ride.
• you must have Gyro sensor in your device
• Put your device into VR glasses or Google Cardboard Glasses
• Align your device into center
• Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus
• Use revolving chair or stand in open place

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