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Mission Rescue Survivor Statement
Sniper rescue survivor mission, it’s time to be a survivor, it’s time for Rescue mission, hold your sniper and drive the 3D Rescue survivor mission. Get into the base camp of enemies hold them behind the line of danger so that civilian could be easily rescued from enemy’s base camp. It’s your duty to guide refugee towards the safe point till the rescue mission complete, point the sniper and target the enemy who want to hit the rescuer civilians and finish them to death.

Sniper Skills
Survivor what you have to do is keep a sharp eye on the enemies trying to kill civilian survivors rescuing themselves from the animal base camp, by holding the sniper pointing the danger and shoot them to death before it’s too late
Being a survivor in Rescue civilian’s mission your duty will include racing against time, a few bloody headshots of terrorist in right there in their basecamps. Save the rescuer and kill only the right target hidden in the crowd to clear the mission in thrilling rescue mission of 3D Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission. You are trained to be an angel to innocent civilians, elite hitman and great survivor.

How to become a Survivor
As Sniper survivor, you’ll take number of Rescue missions in real 3D environments
Real feel of 3D sniper as dreadful and thrilling as in real
Shoot the Enemies before they target the civilians you are trying to rescued from enemy’s base camp
Zoom in feature to take headshot, extensive feature of Real life Sniper
Hit Sniper hard to let the Civilians to reach the Helicopter and make Rescue mission successful
After completing the Survivor Mission, freshen up to proceed for next rescue targets.

Become a Survivor, Skillful Sniper Shooter
We are sure you are a survivor, have enough hitman sniper skills to shoot every criminal and rescue the refugees. Make sure you hit with all nerves otherwise the Survivor Rescue mission will not be competed accurately. 
Do your shoelace up, grab your gear, Aim your sniper, zoom in the target and pull the trigger hard and be a survivor with blasting Headshot.

Dynamic 3D enemy base camp environment
Real 3D animated Helicopter for Survivor to Rescue civilians
Dangerous 3D sniper and weapons
HD graphics and amazing sounds of hitting and shooting
Multiple camera views with zooming invert and out
Single Survivor Rescue Missions
Intuitive physics based control of Sniper and become a survivor.
Unlimited ammunitions of 3D sniper commando survivor for rescue missions
Leader board to tell the world your 3D sniper commando skills
Realistic 3D commando actions and Sniper to hit the Rescue Mission
2 Camera modes games: Ariel & 3D mode.
More survivor missions and 3D snipers will be introduced in next update.
Download Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission for Free and keep in touch for more content in periodic updates.
Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission is compatible with all android devices support 3D games.

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