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Projonmo Bangla Keyboard is a phonetic keyboard for writing Bangla and English in android devices.
** In Bangla non-supported devices users can see Bangla including ligatures (যুক্তবর্ণ) while typing. **
It is completely FREE(no Ads) and forever will be.

1. Download & install the app.
2. Go to Settings > Language & keyboard or Language and input or Locale & text or similar
3. Select Projonmo Phonetic Keyboard
4. Open any typing area and select Projonmo Phonetic Keyboard from Input method picker.
5. Now only for the first time you will be redirected to Settings screen of Projonmo Phonetic Keyboard.
6. In Settings screen there is a Bangla sentence (বঙ্গের ঝালমুড়ি). If you can read it properly then press Yes button otherwise the No button.
7. Voila! Start Typing ! :)
8. While typing press the key with 'ব' icon to switch between Bangla and English.

The Key mapping (layout) is given in the Settings screen of Projonmo Phonetic Keyboard. You can check it anytime via going there.

If you find any bug or have some suggestions, just let us know.

--- Dedicated to young fighters of 'Shahbag Movement' protesting against War Criminals. ---

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