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Ever bad this back and forth conversation?
Friend: "Hey where are you?"
You: "I'm in the park, uh, near that one tree"
Friend: "Wait, the tree where we finally found your shoes?"
You: "No not that tree, the one where" (blah blah blah)

Well NO MORE! LocSMS lets you send your current GPS coordinates via SMS to any number. The recipient will be able to open the link if they have any smartphone made in the last few years.

You can kind of already do this with the built-in map function but it'll try and give you the closest address which doesn't help if you're in the middle of a park, a large outdoor concert, etc.

* Google maps embedded so you can actually see what you're sending.
* No ads, no 'lite' version, just a useful app.
* No unnecessary permissions like other similar apps. You maintain control over where/how text messages are sent.

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