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Only the USA's best pilot can defeat the bad guys. Victory is at your fingertips!

April 29, 1945

As the top gun of the Air Force's elite fighter pilots, you have been chosen for a covert mission over enemy lines: To kill the leader of the bad guys. Although it seems the bad guys have been beaten in Europe, the truth is far more shocking: At their most desperate hour, the bad guys are hiding a terrible secret that may just turn the tide of the war.

Over land, over sea, through the air, and beyond our Terra Firma, test your skill and dexterity through three exciting levels against dozens of enemies using your flying mastery and all the power-ups you can grab.

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Game Features:
+ Three exciting arcade-style levels of rapid-fire, non-stop action
+ A unique auto-fire, touch-based control system
+ 80s-style retro graphics
+ An original soundtrack filled with old-school beats
+ More than a dozen enemies with unique attacks
+ Three challenging and original bosses
+ Upgradable weaponry
+ High score tables
+ Four increasingly challenging difficulties
+ Classic top-down Shoot 'em Up gameplay
+ A fun, tongue-in-cheek story
+ With no ads, all for absolutely free

Only a daring ace with skills to match can defeat the bad guys. Will you deliver victory? Or defeat? It's at your skillful fingertips!!!


Jon Hathaway - Programming
Gregory Gallagher - Art & Story
Brian Crawford - Music
This is our very first game and we hope you have fun.

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