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Send your grocery shopping list from your phone to your regular local grocery store. Jhatpat Groceries lets you do just that.

What Does the App Do:
Jhatpat Groceries lets you send your grocery shopping list from your phone to your regular local grocery store. You have always done this using paper-pen or by calling the grocery. Now use your phone and add items to your list whenever you remember them, send it off to the store when you are ready. Tell the store if you want to pick-up or want them to deliver.

Where can i use the app:
Jhatpat Groceries is currently only available in ***** Bangalore ***** We are adding new stores all the time. If your favorite grocery store is not on Jhatpat Groceries today, just tell the shopkeeper to call us at +91-94824-32431 and we will help them provide you this convenience in no time.

What are some of the benefits and features of the app:
* No more calling the grocery store and hearing and engaged tone. Just send your list from your phone to the store.
* No more waiting for the store to open to give them the item list that you want them to deliver. Send your shopping list anytime, from anywhere.
* No more waiting at the store counter for items to be picked, packed and then for the bill to be prepared. Send your list from the app and ask for it to be prepared for pickup.
* Avoid forgetting items on your grocery shopping list, keep adding items on the Jhatpat Groceries app whenever you remember them and place the order when you are ready to order.
* You know what you want or buy regularly, so just type it into your list… no need waste time to browse, search, select and add to your cart.

Do all this with the local grocery store which you have always shopped from.


Call us at +91-94824-32431 or email us at info@jhatpatgroceries.com

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